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VAT Reg:  MT23023911     Company Reg: C72197

          "logistics simplified"  


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we are

SUMMIT Freight Services Ltd,  a company designed with your needs clearly in our focus.  

We're a freight forwarding and logistics management organization that is
  • backed by years of broad industry experience

  • represented by a wide network of reliable
    overseas  partners

  • able to offer expertise and advice in various fields

  • designed to make your work simpler.

As your logistic service provider,   our role  is to assist you—our client—with your shipments  from beginning to end ... to help  prevent  your supply problems as much as possible and,  at the same time,  finding solutions  when problems do occur.  

To find out more about how we help our clients make their jobs easier and safer, simply ask for our INFOPACK by email  right now!



how  you  too can benefit

SUMMIT Freight Services Ltd is a no-nonesense freight forwarding agency.  We talk straight.  We don't pull tricks.  On the contrary, we advise you about what can go wrong and how you might avoid it.

In other words, when you use our services, you get more than transportation.  You get us on your team. And you also get our local and overseas networks on your team.  

Since we're backed by expertise, you'll be backed by expertise too.  And as every logistics professional knows, adding such value reduces invisible costs!

Please call us today for an appointment and  find out in what ways we can make your work safer and your life easier: 

2558 0300 

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All transactions undertaken by or with our company are subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions.   You may

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about us   |   overseas network   |   our services   |   toolkit   |   contact us