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Important:   The information provided herein is for your guidance only and we strongly urge you to take professional advice in cases of litigation or wherever warranted, to consult the official publications, as well as to double-check certain specifications, e.g. Container Dimensions with carriers, before committing yourself.  

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided herein is correct, both the company and the authors repudiate any responsibility in relation to any consequences arising from the application of this data. Please be guided accordingly.


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In this section we share some technical background with interested parties who like to operate in an even more professional manner.  Feel free to call our team for more assistance, and remember to consult official publications and to cross-check data (such as container specifications) with your chosen carriers, or forwarders, before committing yourself.

We are here at your service and ready to stake our reputation on your satisfaction.

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about us   |   overseas network   |   our services   |   toolkit   |    contact us